Thursday, 8 April 2010

Malalai Joya has one of the hardest jobs: She’s a MP in Afghanistan, but on top of that she does something truly amazing, she fights for the rights of Afghan women. Every day brings new threats and normal life is impossible for Malalai and her husband, Though she cannot speak of him for his own safety whoever he is he must be patient - the couple move from safety house to safety house because Malalai's oppositions are always one step behind. She can't stay in the same house twice because it is too dangerous. Threats are yelled, most along the lines of "I will kill you" Malalai is numbed to the threats. But why does this happen?

As I've said she is a MP in Afghanistan but there is just one problem - she is the ONLY FEMALE MP in Afghanistan- she fights for the rights of Afghan women. Threats of Death don't scare her if anything they make her more determined and strong. she speaks the sad truth when she says:

“Women are scared to leave the house without a burka with fear of acid being poured in their face.”

In 2005 Malalai got voted to parliment but didn't stay there long as she was banned from parliment for saying:
“Afghanistan is in the hands of RAPISTS, Extreamists and MURDERERS”
but she continues to campaign and plans to till death.
“One day they will kill me but they cannot silence the truth! Education for women is not like a bunch of flowers a gift that eventually wilts, It's a right”

She is a brave Lady and a role model to women everywhere. Women in Afghanistan are treated badly and have no authority whats so ever. Now it's out -the truth can not be silenced.

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