Sunday, 13 June 2010

Microwave Massacre

A 16-year-old boy who cooked his brother's hamster in a microwave has been sentenced to four months in a youth detention unit.

Last year the then 15 year old boy, who cannot be named, cooked his sibling's hamster in a microwave oven. The boy had often threatened to cook the golden hamster. The creatures hind legs were burned to the bone and shortly after the incident the animal was put to sleep. The incident was a tragedy.

But is this unusual? With books such as 'How to fossilize your hamster' and computer games of the same type why are we allowing these things if the incident last week was so awful? Because surely these books and games are encouraging this kind of behaviour. More and more animals are being abused every year in progressively cruel ways.

Children abusing animals is surprisingly common; scientists say that in the age of Disney's walking,talking perfect pets disappointment is a main factor. With such films as 'Marley and me' children see the film and want a Marley, when the reality is a unrestrained, boisterous puppy that wants to chew your toys. Parents should explain to their children the reality to prevent such cases of cruelty.

With animal cruelty on the rise surely something has to be done. The sooner people wake up and realise , like humans, no pet is perfect the better.

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