Monday, 14 June 2010

A poem for my cat.

 One day about three years ago,
Upon a cold February day,
We opened up our hearts and cat flaps,
And Lucy came to play.

A more complicated life we've learned to live,
More chaotic in every way,
We've come to know a crazier life,
Since Lucy came to play.

Pink toy mice and orange collars,
Have moved in, they plan to stay,
They live within the cosy rooms,
Where Lucy likes to play.

Whiskers and go cat,
Tuna and Mackerel all are eaten today,
Fish sure has changed,
Since Lucy came to play.
Hot hugs with passioate purrs,
Will get you on your way,
Prepared with love in the Lucy’s heart ,
Where in Lucy likes to play.

Ornaments on bottom shelves,
We try to keep at bay,
We have to keep things tidy now,
Since Lucy came to play.

The Hamster who used to rule,
Now often Hides away,
She stays calm and learns who's boss,
Since Lucy came to play.

Oh I can't recall what life was like,
It seems so far away,
Before that cold February afternoon,
Before Lucy came to play.

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