Monday, 14 June 2010

The Tickton Church Goes a mile to spend a penny!

On the 29th of May the Tickton community gathered for an event with an important cause. The aim was to collect a mile of money for a toilet in St Paul’s Church. This would improve the churches facilities massively for weddings and other church events. The event started at 10am with as many as twenty eight volunteers! Everyone lined up the pennies on table tops and along a tape measure. Throughout the day people from the Village came to lend a hand and donate. When the volunteers weren’t lining pennies up they were chatting over a hot drink and delicious cakes. At 4:00pm the clean up process started, pennies were swept up, sorted and then counted. Volunteers joked that they could leave the coins and just ask the church congregation in the morning to step over the path of pennies the next morning! But the clean up went well and volunteers left the church with smiles on their faces. It was originally Pauline Jeffery’s Idea to make a mile of money after she saw an article about it on the Internet.
“I think it’s gone very well, It’s great to see everyone helping.” Said Kate Powell of the Church in Tickton.
The village has raised a total of £1,400! It was defiantly a day to remember.

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