Sunday, 29 August 2010

3D Frenzy

Three dimensional vision is one of our natural abilities - using our eyes and our minds. Since we each have two eyes, with each one sending a visual message to our mind separately, the mind combines these two images into one. So when you look at an object, one of your eyes gets one half of the image and the other eye gets the other half. Then when they are combined in our minds a magical thing happens, a corner will stick out towards you so it looks closer than the rest of the object. This is used in films and technology to create a virtual reality Image.

But imagine if you have only sight in one eye. There are no other images to combine with – so only a 2D image appears. And the specially adapted film for people to view in 3D is very different to 2D films so the visually impaired viewer sees a distorted and hard to distinguish image.

3D technology has been around for many years, But after a few years in the dark, 3D is back and this time its big! Can you remember having a Gameboy? It was amazing wasn’t it? You could buy little grey cartridges and play as Mickey Mouse, Yoshi or any character that Nintendo could think up. But then the Gameboy evolved. . to the Nintendo DS – a chunky bit of kit - up to date with a touch screen: even a stylus to use it with. The Nintendo DS had a slot in the back to play the old Game boy games but why would you want to do that when you had a shiny touch screen compatible Nintendo DS game? And sure enough the shops replaced the old for the new and the Nintendo took the place of the Gameboy.

Can you remember old ‘box like’ televisions? When you go to Currys do you ever see an old television like that? It’s all plasma and HD. Technology moves on leaving yesterdays top of the range in the shadows. Samsung has released a new television, a 3D one, and of course it has to have a 3D DVD player too.
A 3D Nintendo DS is coming too.

Not to mention these 3D films.

Around 2 million people wont be able to access this new technology because they are visually impaired. It is common for visually impaired people not to be able to properly experience 3D vision. This makes 3D technology inaccessible to these people.

We ask that all 3D technology is also available in 2D format and that non 3D technology continues to be available to us.
For example at the cinema all 3D films are also shown in 2D at all cinemas for the same amount of time.
To support the campaign join the facebook group below to have our view considered and make a change before 3D gets out of control.


  1. Great article. I was born with vision in my right eye only and it is weird because i was researching 3D films for visually impaired people yesterday and today my friend invited me to the group. I totally agree with the campagne and am with the FaceBook group 100%

  2. Thankyou and thanks so much for commenting! I do a lot of blogs on visual impairment so if you would like to follow me that would be great! And thanks for supporting the campaign!
    P.s i only have sight in my right eye!