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Transcript of Discrimination video

We are all different, some people are different because they have a disability – a problem with their bodies which means they can’t do certain things, such as they might use a wheel chair or not be able to see very well or hear very well.

1 in 5 people (adults and children) in the UK have a disability of some kind

People with disabilities tend to get on with life as normal with the help of some aids. Like a magnifier if you cannot see very well or a hearing aid if you cannot hear.

Discrimination happens when a person without a disability is mean to someone with a disability simply because they have that problem

Most people treat people with disabilities like they would treat anyone else. But some people – for whatever there reason – are particularly insensitive about that persons disability or are mean and nasty to them.

This can make you feel
Or upset

If you are being discriminated you might think that telling someone will make things a lot worse. But it doesn’t. Tell a teacher or a friend and the problem will usually get a lot better.

My experience-

Some of you will know that I do have a visual impairment, this causes me to walk with a cane. In my experience some people are just generally nasty about any disability. I have been called a benefit fraud, been told I shouldn’t use my phone even though my phone has an enlarge option, been called an attention seeker for using a cane and accused of cheating tests with my formatted papers. It is hard, yeah, but you need to tell someone if you are being discriminated. The absolute best thing to do (after telling someone) is to just ignore them. You are not just a disability – you have a personality. At the end of the day you are you and you know you aren’t a benefit fraud or an attention seeker. So just leave it – at the end of the day there will be people like that in your lives but it’s an incredibly small number of people. And if they aren’t going to be nice to you don’t bother being friends with them because they clearly aren’t worth it.

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