Sunday, 31 October 2010

Nystagmus Network Day 2010

 On the 15th of October I travelled to Birmingham to attend Nystagmus Network Day on the 16th at QAC. I worked with LOOK charity to take part in the 'Eat your words'  campaign. It was great fun.

Transcript of video.

*Beat Boxing*
So here I am at the Nystagmus Network Day- It's lunchtime at the moment and so far it has been a really enjoyable day.I've met some really nice people, some I might stay in touch with. We've been beat boxing with the beat boxer - Rupert- from bass6. And it's just been really, really fun!

We decorated cookies to say 'Eat Your Words' behind the icing is a serious message: Restaurants and cafes in the UK often don't have braille or large print menus- this means they are breaking the disability discrimination act. The charity 'Look' wants to change that!

We recorded an audio campaign to send to restaurants and cafes in the UK asking them to change their inaccessible ways - we made some great sounds with thanks to Rupert the beat boxer!

Rupert: Chop up 30 chips please!
Rupert:Go on try 12 then!
*Chopping noise*
Rupert: Cool, they need some cooking so put them in the grill.
*whistling sound*

While we worked on the campaign, parents and carers of children with nystagmus learnt more about their child's condition in a selection of talks with medical experts.Here's what one parent had to say...

Me: As a parent are you enjoying the Nystagmus Network day?
Parent: Yes it has been very informative thank you!
Me: Good, Good. Have you been before?
Parent: Yes we have been to the one two years ago in Nottingham before.
Me: What information have you found most useful?
Parent: A lot of information about the education service and whats actually available to people with nystagmus.
Me: Would you come again?
Parent: Definitely so, yes!

As part of the outLOOK youth project team I would like to thank:
and everyone who took part in the 'Eat your words' recordings.
It really was a great day to remember!

*Beat boxing*

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