Saturday, 2 October 2010

Why Disability Awareness should be taught in schools as part of the PSE curriculum.

I notice recently that the lack of disability awareness in children and young people is appalling. When a white cane is mistaken for a walking stick and most people have no idea what a deafblind cane is it's a definate problem. what upsets me is that -more sensitive- people with a disability may be offended by this kind of comment. When a family with young children are out and about and see a disabled person it is always good if the parent discreetly explains to their child about that persons disability and how to act around people with disabilities. This gives a child a good bit of basic information on disability. But this can be easily forgotten by primary school, when manners and general etticate around the disabled can slip.

I think that if disability awareness was fitted into the school 'well being' or 'PSCHE' curriculum there would be a much greater understanding of the problems that disabled people have to face in day to day life. The topic could cover:
Hearing impairment
Visual Impairment
Physical Impairment
Mental Disabilities and autism.
This is important because it would overcome the problem of awkwardness around the disabled and hugely reduce discrimination. Today’s children are tomorrow’s adults and they are growing up in the dark about disability. It is a fact that once in everyone's lifetime -at some point- they will meet at least one disabled person. The next generation must know how to deal with this. With 610 million people worldwide with a registered disability (that's 10 - 20% of each country’s population) a disability awareness topic is essential.

In conclusion:
It is a right that all humans must be treated as equal. There is a law on disability discrimination on employment and facility access terms. This is an important law but playground discrimination affects a person before

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