Sunday, 28 November 2010


On the 28th of November East Yorkshire turned into an ice cube. The night before temperatures reached an all time low at -10c. A record! Cars were bumper to bumper in the usually quiet roads, ponds froze and snow fell! Snow showers were continuous through the afternoon getting heavier as night approached. I took to the Westwood and went sledging, the cold was griping but my childish side took over and I soon got sliding. Lots of children were sledging and a few babies were seeing their first snow, it was truly beautiful. We jumped back into the car and set off – almost. The wheels wouldn’t move on the ice, they slid about, but wouldn’t shift. A friendly man helped us hit the road and we were soon drinking cocoa in front of the fire. Yet more madness as facebook went crazy with constant status updates, and my phone buzzed too. News travels fast, school is closed tomorrow. After celebrating my freedom I went for a walk: and as I had my long cane in hand, I decided to prod the village lake and as I thought it was rock solid. It really has been an intriguing day… 

Who doesn't eat snowflakes?!

Me in the snow.

Me again.




My dog Gracie!


Mum sledging.

Go mum!

Me and Gracie sledging.

Dad, me and Grace.

Me, Gracie and mum.

Me and Gracie.

The lake.

Me prodding the lake.

Rock solid lake!

The ducks stuck on top of the lake.


Icy road in my village!


Me in my favourite place,

Dad messing about.

My teddy (I was MEGA bored!)

Look who's here!

Flame my cat!

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