Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Advents Message.

Advent is a lead up to Christmas in the Christian faith. It is just as important as Christmas to Christians because it is the wait for Jesus’ birth. For Christians advent is a time for preparation, anticipation and waiting. It is also a time for waiting for the second coming because Christians believe that Christ will come again to judge the living and the dead. In this faith purple is the colour of morning or fasting and in the Catholic Church the priest would wear purple vestments to signify how the world suffered before Jesus came. There are lots of traditions in advent such as sending cards, decorating the home, advent calendars and the burning of the advent candle.

The religious significance of Christmas is being lost over the years as people of faiths other than Christianity seem to mark Christmas in some way. Christians also forget the meaning of Christmas; the message is ‘peace to men on earth’ not ‘buy one get one free chocolate oranges.’ The burning of the advent candle is a more solemn choice for Christians who want to dodge the Cadbury’s commercialisation – lighting the candle and saying a prayer from the psalms is a nice thing to do every day before Christmas.

Happy Advent!

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