Monday, 27 December 2010

Girls Attitude Survey- The illusion of perfection

This powerful clip was made to represent possibly one of the most shocking facts found out by the Girl Guides 'Girls attitudes survey'.

Girl Guides ask girls from around the country what they feel about education, society, family, environment and health issues. They ask girls 7-21 years old from guide, brownie and ranger companies from around the UK. 

Girl Guiding has done this annual survey to make girls views heard and the facts are there. Loud and Clear. So the world better listen! How else can the government get into the minds of teenage girls? How else would they know that 20-30% of girls age 11-16 believe that being attractive is the key to success in life.

Girls worry and are concerned by the way they look regularly and some truly believe being attractive is the main key to happiness. 40% of 11-13 year olds when asked: "why do girls go on diets?" said because of the way the media portrays women. When 14-16 year olds were asked the same question 58% agreed.

And no wonder! In the first video you hear about the real tummy tuck or boob job girls want, but in the second you can hear about the virtual world of airbrushed beauty; a pain free illusion. Airbrushing causes damage to girls confidence and, in some cases, mental health with eating disorders becoming more and more common in teenagers. Anything is possible with the magic airbrushing software. Eye colour can change, dress sizes dropped and blemishes cleared- all at the touch of a button- and young girls are non the wiser and will go to any cost for this image of perfection. 

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