Saturday, 25 December 2010

My Review of the amazon kindle

The amazon kindle is a wonderful piece of kit sold exclusively 
on the amazon online shop. It is sold at a retail price of £109,
a bargain for christmas! The idea of the kindle is that users 
can download books from the amzazon website quickly and 
cheaply to this portable device.  They then can read freely on
a slim and stylish electronic book reader as they slowly build
up their own Kindle library! 
The kindle is dispatched quickly after 
the order is made and arrives complete with the owners 
amazon account set up already on the kindle. 
This enables the users to purchase books straight away.
There is a wide selection of books, newspapers and 
magazines available from the amazon website. On the kindle 
you can easily access the 'kindle store' on the kindle itself- 
using wifi internet. It takes approximately 60 seconds to 
download books on to the kindle and you then can begin 
reading!! There is no back light on the screen - meaning no 
glare, and no strain!! The screen has an amazingly crisp look,
you almost forget its not a real page! 
Not only efficient, the kindle is very aesthetically pleasing- as 
thin as a pencil and also nice and compact. You wouldn't be 
ashamed reading it in a street cafe in paris!! A wide selection 
of neoprene, leather and plastic cases are available - some 
making the kindle like a book and others just to cover it up so
it can slide into your bag. 
It arrives with a mains charger and a USB connection cord. 
The battery life apparently can last for 2 months- but I have 
not had chance to check yet!!

The kindle has eight marvellous text sizes and line spacing
options. It also includes a text to speech option on some 
books. It is a very good reading format for visually impaired 
people but the only flaw I can think of is that the menu cannot
be enlarged - this is a bit of a problem.
If in the worst case scenario and something happens to your 
kindle- no fear- all your book purchases are backed up onto 
your amazon account so you can redownload   easily! Also 
a bonus of the kindle, is the books are cheaper than an 
average paperback- with many classics being completely free.  
The kindle is an amazing present and this christmas in the UK
, it has dominated the nations wish lists and has battled 
through snow to get to our doors. At last I can read my 
beloved vampire books with ease! Hallelujah!!
Thank you very much amazon (and snata!!) 

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