Thursday, 2 June 2011

Stop sexualising our kids!

Music can taken us to very powerful emotions and take us to different scenarios, But what about when the music has somewhat inappropriate lyrics and the place is unpleasant? This is a problem that parents are currently tackling, should children be allowed to view the world through music, music videos, and television?

The popular television show 'the sex education show' as a side feature they ran a campaign called 'stop pimping our kids!' which was about this exact issue.

The subjects included were:
Music videos
'unsuitable magazines' positioning in newsagents.
And clothing.

High heels for five year olds? Seriously?! It's hard to believe but the high street is becoming more and more sexualised and it is taking a profound affect on children. But the question is who's task is it to sort it out? Should parents be taking a more active approach in protecting their children from things they believe are unsuitable or should the manufactures or television companies be taking the responsibility on themselves and making their content child friendly?

Technology is also taking its toll. Seven year old's with facebook, MSN, Mobiles and laptops: is this really necessary? I remember when I was that age I only had a tamagotchi! But not only are kids ageing to early, but with it they lose their childhood. 

So PLEASE retailers, music channels and all the rest - stop sexualising our KIDS!!

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