Thursday, 1 March 2012

February- Eating Disorders Awareness Month

So, I'm a day out but I think that this is news worth telling. Eating Disorder Awareness Month's aim is to do exactly that: raise awareness for eating disorders. There are many kinds of eating disorders: Anorexia nervosa and Bulimia nervosa are the best known, then there are orthorexia, binge eating, anorexia purge-binge subtype and night time eating disorder. It's a wide spectrum and for those who don't fit into any of those categories there is EDNOS - Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified. Over the past few years eating disorders have been in the news: celebrities are always being accused of having them, but the media contradicts its own actions when it scrutinises celebrities tummies for any fat at all.

Eating disorders are becoming more and more common in the under sixteens. 2,100 young people were treated for eating disorders by the NHS last year. There are many causes for eating disorders- not just the media as many like to think. Not everyone with an eating disorder worries about their body image or wants to be like the celebrities: It can be a way of gaining control, overcoming past insults, attempting to improve confidence and can be caused by fear of food. Every case is different.

On the 28th of February the Empire State Building was lit up in blue and green in recognition of the awareness week.

If you think you have an eating disorder or know someone who you think has talk to a trusted adult or your doctor.

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