Sunday, 13 May 2012

Goalball coaching at Brownies

On the 2nd of May I went down memory lane and returned to not only my primary school, but also to my village brownie group which I was a member of many years ago. Brownies, for those of you who are unaware of the girl guiding system, is the part of the guiding family that accepts girls ages 7-10. But why was I there? The 'Brown Owl' of the group, the leader, had ordered an olympics box kit from a supermarket chain which is encouraging children to get involved in the olympics and the paralympics. The Brownies group had received a lightweight goalball, a few blindfolds and some very difficult instructions. They had tried to play before but had not understood the instructions, and thats why they needed me!

A leader at my guides group was talking to the brown owl and goalball came up in conversation. My name got passed over and VOILA! I met some of my old teachers who were working late, which was a bit scary, and I was surprised how small the school felt since the last time I was there. We set up a tournament and played a fun 'simon says' style game to learn the positions. They were lovely kids and I don't think I did too badly as a coach.

A picture of the Olympics mascot given to me. 
As of being fifteen I am now a young leader in girl guiding, so I now act as a leader rather than a participant. This means I can help out at any other levels of guiding, and I was lucky enough to be asked to help out again by the Brown Owl. I am very happy. So from now on: Brownies on a wednesday, Guides on a friday. I am going to be very busy!

Imi is FIFTEEN!!

On May the 9th I continued my life into the grand age of being fifteen! Yay!
I had a great day at school, in that the VI team agreed to make my resources into size 24 point, rather than pushing my eyes to use 18 point. This means I no longer have to scrape my nose across the pages! I got a kindle DX, which is a fantastic large version of a kindle so I can get more words on each screen page. I also got two charms for my pandora bracelet. I am still adjusting to saying I am fifteen though! As always the minster in my town was lit up in celebration of my birth and in memory of my Granddad who died on the same day. I celebrated in style by watching Coronation Street and having a takeaway! I had a lovely day and thank you to everyone who sent me birthday wishes on twitter and Facebook!

Picture time!!

Tuesday, 1 May 2012


Another update!

LAST YEAR!! (I'm really behind on here) I did some filming with BBC Newsround about audio description and the campaigning I do to increase awareness. This was great fun as I got to write my script and walk around the cinema talking to a camera, I even got popcorn!

You can watch my Newsround piece here:

I'd like to say thank you to Newsround and everyone who has ever supported me on any of my campaigns ever! :) It means a lot!

Downing Street

I have had this as a draft for such a long time, but a while ago I did one of the most exciting things I've ever done... I got invited to a reception at number 10 downing street!

It all came from a course I went on with RADAR, Young Disabled Leaders, where I learnt with a group of other young disabled people how to be a good leader within a group. At the end of the three sessions, which were spread over a year, RADAR put together a booklet called 'Engaging the Power House' which is all about how to engage young people, like us, in group activities. It was very very cool to be involved in and I am amazed I haven't blogged about it before! The course ended with all of the young people doing a presentation to adults from different organisations who wanted to learn how to engage people like us in their charities, organisations and projects. I met some great people, including the fantastic Holly.

Here are some pictures from the course:

I thought that the course in itself was amazing, and was very proud to call myself a disabled young leader with new friends i'd made by my side. What happened next blew my mind! I received an email inviting me to number 10 Downing Street to a reception celebrating young leaders of the future. I was delighted to find that my friend Holly was also invited, and a few people from other regions of the course were coming to- I couldn't wait to meet them!

At the reception I met the other Young Leaders, and had a look around Downing Street. It was so exciting to be there! I also met; Tammy Grey Thompson, Samantha Cameron, David Blunkett and Jas from 'Small teen big world'. My experience at number 10 was one I'll never forget.

Transitions Weekend with Action for Blind People!

On March the 23rd I packed up my rucksack and prepared myself for another awesome adventure with Action. I was reunited with fellow blogger Henry (, My good friend Lauren from previous Action adventures, and met the three other guys taking part. The transitions weekend was in the Peak District, Derbyshire in a centre called Haggs Farm. We did all sorts including, an amazing caving adventure where we went through a range of passages through a real cave, and Jacobs Ladder. Whoever Jacob is, he's a genius for making the ladder as it's one of the most hilarious team excerises ever! It involves climbing rungs of a rope ladder in teams of four, but the higher you go the further apart the rungs are, and the more you rely on each other. It is very funny, especially when Tony, from Action, gets stuck at the top and is hanging on to the others! We cooked for ourselves which gave us experience of... well how not to poison each other really! By the end of the three days the group had the feeling of a big family, a lovely atmosphere to have.

I really really enjoyed the weekend, it was such good fun!

Easter Holiday VICTA Fun

This Easter holidays the temptation to do absolutely nothing was enormous, so it's lucky the lovely VICTA offered to have me for a few days! I headed off to Milton Keynes, and met up with the director, Tracie, who I was staying with. I went to the offices and met everyone who had previously been just names, and they were all lovely and friendly people. I sat at my own computer and had a log in, so I felt very grown up! I did some blogging, some tweeting, some talking and it was all round fantastic fun! I also sat in on a meeting and just generally got a taste of what it's like at the VICTA office. This is a quick blog I know, but I'm going with compact information in the hope I can post more often. It was amazing and I'd like to thank my host and director of VICTA, Tracie, and everyone else for such a wonderful time.

Me with Tracie's dog Gyp having hugs!

The very cute visitor I had on my bed!