Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Downing Street

I have had this as a draft for such a long time, but a while ago I did one of the most exciting things I've ever done... I got invited to a reception at number 10 downing street!

It all came from a course I went on with RADAR, Young Disabled Leaders, where I learnt with a group of other young disabled people how to be a good leader within a group. At the end of the three sessions, which were spread over a year, RADAR put together a booklet called 'Engaging the Power House' which is all about how to engage young people, like us, in group activities. It was very very cool to be involved in and I am amazed I haven't blogged about it before! The course ended with all of the young people doing a presentation to adults from different organisations who wanted to learn how to engage people like us in their charities, organisations and projects. I met some great people, including the fantastic Holly.

Here are some pictures from the course:

I thought that the course in itself was amazing, and was very proud to call myself a disabled young leader with new friends i'd made by my side. What happened next blew my mind! I received an email inviting me to number 10 Downing Street to a reception celebrating young leaders of the future. I was delighted to find that my friend Holly was also invited, and a few people from other regions of the course were coming to- I couldn't wait to meet them!

At the reception I met the other Young Leaders, and had a look around Downing Street. It was so exciting to be there! I also met; Tammy Grey Thompson, Samantha Cameron, David Blunkett and Jas from 'Small teen big world'. My experience at number 10 was one I'll never forget.

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