Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Easter Holiday VICTA Fun

This Easter holidays the temptation to do absolutely nothing was enormous, so it's lucky the lovely VICTA offered to have me for a few days! I headed off to Milton Keynes, and met up with the director, Tracie, who I was staying with. I went to the offices and met everyone who had previously been just names, and they were all lovely and friendly people. I sat at my own computer and had a log in, so I felt very grown up! I did some blogging, some tweeting, some talking and it was all round fantastic fun! I also sat in on a meeting and just generally got a taste of what it's like at the VICTA office. This is a quick blog I know, but I'm going with compact information in the hope I can post more often. It was amazing and I'd like to thank my host and director of VICTA, Tracie, and everyone else for such a wonderful time.

Me with Tracie's dog Gyp having hugs!

The very cute visitor I had on my bed!

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