Sunday, 13 May 2012

Goalball coaching at Brownies

On the 2nd of May I went down memory lane and returned to not only my primary school, but also to my village brownie group which I was a member of many years ago. Brownies, for those of you who are unaware of the girl guiding system, is the part of the guiding family that accepts girls ages 7-10. But why was I there? The 'Brown Owl' of the group, the leader, had ordered an olympics box kit from a supermarket chain which is encouraging children to get involved in the olympics and the paralympics. The Brownies group had received a lightweight goalball, a few blindfolds and some very difficult instructions. They had tried to play before but had not understood the instructions, and thats why they needed me!

A leader at my guides group was talking to the brown owl and goalball came up in conversation. My name got passed over and VOILA! I met some of my old teachers who were working late, which was a bit scary, and I was surprised how small the school felt since the last time I was there. We set up a tournament and played a fun 'simon says' style game to learn the positions. They were lovely kids and I don't think I did too badly as a coach.

A picture of the Olympics mascot given to me. 
As of being fifteen I am now a young leader in girl guiding, so I now act as a leader rather than a participant. This means I can help out at any other levels of guiding, and I was lucky enough to be asked to help out again by the Brown Owl. I am very happy. So from now on: Brownies on a wednesday, Guides on a friday. I am going to be very busy!

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