Sunday, 13 May 2012

Imi is FIFTEEN!!

On May the 9th I continued my life into the grand age of being fifteen! Yay!
I had a great day at school, in that the VI team agreed to make my resources into size 24 point, rather than pushing my eyes to use 18 point. This means I no longer have to scrape my nose across the pages! I got a kindle DX, which is a fantastic large version of a kindle so I can get more words on each screen page. I also got two charms for my pandora bracelet. I am still adjusting to saying I am fifteen though! As always the minster in my town was lit up in celebration of my birth and in memory of my Granddad who died on the same day. I celebrated in style by watching Coronation Street and having a takeaway! I had a lovely day and thank you to everyone who sent me birthday wishes on twitter and Facebook!

Picture time!!

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