Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Transitions Weekend with Action for Blind People!

On March the 23rd I packed up my rucksack and prepared myself for another awesome adventure with Action. I was reunited with fellow blogger Henry (thatyoungvijourno.blogspot.co.uk), My good friend Lauren from previous Action adventures, and met the three other guys taking part. The transitions weekend was in the Peak District, Derbyshire in a centre called Haggs Farm. We did all sorts including, an amazing caving adventure where we went through a range of passages through a real cave, and Jacobs Ladder. Whoever Jacob is, he's a genius for making the ladder as it's one of the most hilarious team excerises ever! It involves climbing rungs of a rope ladder in teams of four, but the higher you go the further apart the rungs are, and the more you rely on each other. It is very funny, especially when Tony, from Action, gets stuck at the top and is hanging on to the others! We cooked for ourselves which gave us experience of... well how not to poison each other really! By the end of the three days the group had the feeling of a big family, a lovely atmosphere to have.

I really really enjoyed the weekend, it was such good fun!

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