Thursday, 7 June 2012

Meeting Layla

I was very excited yesterday because I was due to meet my future guide dog, Layla. Layla had been selected for me due to my walking speed, personality, and leg gate. Myself and Mum went to Lincoln to meet my guide dog trainer Tracey and the dog we had heard so much about.

Layla is a beautiful Golden Retriever Labrador cross, though she has a short coat more like a labrador. She is golden and yellow patchy and quite small. She is two and a half years old and was previously a guide dog for someone else but it didn't work out. I went for a walk with Tracey and Layla and I was instantly completely and utterly in love with her. Tracey seemed pleased with us, and confirmed that Layla was a match for me. I can't wait for another taste of the freedom Layla can bring me!

Then we went for coffee and talked about training and plans for what comes next and a Plan A and Plan B have been formulated, but either way I should be at home with Layla before the summer holidays.

To be continued.


  1. It seems Layla will be a great fit for you. I wish you and that wonderful dof the best.

    1. Aw thank you :') I hardly ever get comments too so thank you doubly as much! xx

  2. Wow Imi she is gorgeous!! Hope it all goes amazing!!!