Sunday, 24 June 2012

Moving On

So- tomorrow I begin training with my beautiful guide dog Layla. I can't wait! The training lasts approximately two weeks and then it's just me and her with the skills to navigate and stay safe in the big wide world together (hopefully) . My school, after a short delay, have agreed to let me leave school a lesson early in order to train with Layla, providing I catch up in time. So tomorrow at 2.30pm I am going to head to the school reception and see Layla and my trainer Tracey again! I have been told the training is pretty tough and that I can expect to have some days where I just want to give up, but in the end I think it will be 100% worth it. I can't even begin to think about the post-Layla opportunities; being able to get the bus to school, going into town for some shopping without being guided by people, not being avoided because of my cane (the shield of awkwardness), and having a beautiful companion by my side.

I'm really excited but also apprehensive. What if the training doesn't go well? What if Layla doesn't like me? All stupid things but niggling little night time thoughts. My main worry is school. I think trying to stop 800+ girls stroking my dog as I go past is going to be somewhat a challenge. But Hey Ho!
I went to buy a bed, bowls, and toys for Layla today- it was exciting!

I have decided to do daily blogs when I have finished a days training with Layla or when she is generally doing something with me. It can be like a 'Guide Dog Diary'. You can follow this through the widget at the side "Follow mine and Layla's Journey' and click on the guide dogs link below. :]
Wish me luck and I'll blog tomorrow :D

Me on Layla's massive bed at home!

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