Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Training Diary- Day Two

I am really tired so excuse any mistakes. Today I had a three hour graphics exam before training but it still went well (I hope). I saw the lovely Miss Laila again and she seemed a lot calmer in the house. I seem to be getting the hang of moving through the door with her and she tends to be listening to me a little more! She spent again in the garden and then we set off on one of my routes (to Brownies). Laila walked there and then guided me back, it was great and I can't wait to be guided every day! A group of primary school children were getting off the coach and the teachers quickly said "Don't stroke the dog!!" I guess I'll have to get used to that wherever I go now! A few Brownies who go to the same school got excited to see 'Loopy Owl' (my leader name at Brownies) with her guide dog too, they can't wait to meet Laila properly. In the garden I played with one of Laila's toys to show her that good things happen with the harness on too. When we got back inside we talked about feeding procedure, I have to blow on a whistle three times to signal she can eat. Tracey thought that there was very little chance of Laila eating as she was so picky anyway, but she did! Then had a drink... then spent... again...! But hey it's a good sign :)

Then Richard, another guide dog person but with a different job, which I can't remember at the moment, came and gave me a bag of goodies. I got a Sam Browne belt so cars can see me (can't miss me as light bounces of me it's so fluorescent), two collars (one for home, one for out and about), bells for the collars (so I know where Laila is), a lead, grooming equipment, a whistle and of course most importantly the harness! I have two handles because we don't know which is best for me at the moment, but tomorrow the harness will be taken away until I qualify - they don't want me having a manic test drive! It's all very exciting!

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