Sunday, 15 July 2012

Handle with Care Review

Have you ever heard of Chatback Productions? Chatback is a group of fostered teenagers and foster carer’s birth children, aged between 11-16 years-old in Dudley, England. The group, after receiving funding, put together a feature length film called 'Handle With Care' in which they tucked messages about the truths of being in care that they felt everyone needed to hear. 

I approached Chatback to ask for a review copy of the film because I find the project idea amazing and incredible in so many ways, and I wondered how they would ever portray such important messages in an entertaining way. I was overjoyed to have my request accepted and watched the film as soon as it arrived, and I was blown away by the talent of these young people. 

If I am honest, I expected the film to be very powerful and quite depressing. However this is not the case, the film is a tight composition of heart warming and hard hitting emotion. It gets the message across loud and clear and opened my eyes to the issues that young people in foster care sometimes face. The film, shot in snowy February was filmed on location in Dudley and featured actress, Josie Lawrence. The film follows two teenagers- Emma and Danny. Danny lives with his foster carer, played by Josie Lawrence, and Emma lives with her alcoholic and abusive parents and brother. Through the screaming and abuse Emma creates herself an imaginary world of escapism inside a cardboard box with medieval dancing and singing. One day Danny notices that Emma hasn't been in school for a while and tries to enlist the help of their other friends to try and find out whats going on. They are all reluctant, but Danny doesn't give up. With dramatic and hard hitting scenes, this film is a must see. 

I found it simply unbelievable the talent of the young people and how professional the film was, considering the group; planned, researched, produced, scripted, acted, filmed and edited the film themselves. A stunning film, and I would like to thank Chatback Productions for sharing their work with me.  

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