Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Summer with Laila

I'm going to get all emotional now... never mind. This summer from the outside looked like the calmest I've ever had. No action for blind people vacation scheme and not being abandoned in a field with girl guides. However I can honestly say this summer has been one of the best ever. I have done more of the things I've always wanted to do around home, like I went to costa coffee with a friend and went places that usually I felt to awkward and unstable to go. The reason? My beautiful newly acquired guide dog Laila. Yesterday we went to the Deep aquarium- a place which is usually a nightmare- it is packed with families, tourists and dark areas. Instead of using my cane in a self defence style I just walked in with Laila. I was able to focus on the fish rather than where I was going and I was happy to sit out in the sun for lunch because my eyes weren't painful from the basics of navigation.

Golden Laila sits nose to nose with a large fish tank with tropical fish inside.

I just feel so much happier and more confident with her around. I think I under estimated the sheer frustration a guide dog can put you through sometimes- refusing to eat and having desperate desires to lead you into wheelie bins- but I blooming know now! She can be a pain, but I love her. Despite her stealing my morning lie ins, I actually quite enjoy our early mornings together, putting the kettle on and if the weather is nice sitting out in the garden together. It's just been a fantastic summer, and a fantastic experience which is going to stretch on for a long time to come. I've got so much to look forward to sharing with her: going to guides, her meeting the brownies, hopefully travelling, and the sense of independence I get from her seems to increase constantly. I don't feel like I have a dog with a job anymore, it feels like she is there to look after me. I understand her and she definitely understands me. 

Laila is on Facebook if you wish to add her her name is Laila Godwin

Laila and Imi smiling into the camera

Imi standing on a trampoline in purple skinny jeans and a band t-shirt with her red hair in her face looking down at Laila who is mid jump.

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