Tuesday, 18 September 2012

VICTA Weekend

This summer holidays I went into VICTA ambassador mode for a fantastic long weekend at Swindon PGL. VICTA, a charity for visually impaired children and young people, held a family weekend which was fun for all ages. The parents and children had a fun filled activity timetable, the kids split into age appropriate groups, the adults had a separate timetable and so did the 18-25's. The rooms were simple but comfy and myself and my friend from beforehand, Tiri, settled in right away. The food was delicious, with a wide variety of hot meals and salad.

I only took part in a few of the activities, spending the rest of the time helping in the creche, but my favourite activity would have to be aeroball, jumping around on a trampoline chucking a ball at your opponent and aiming at a net (but mostly failing)- what's not to like? The weekend was a fantastic chance to meet visually impaired young people and children from all over the country, and friends were made quickly through the activities.

All the PGL staff were fantastic and very helpful, they were good fun, enthusiastic and made sure everyone could take part in the activities by making them accessible. Other activities to take part in were; raft building, vertical challenge, rock climbing, survival and zip wire. There was also a creche for children under five, so their parents could take part in their own activity and talk timetable. I helped out in the creche and it was great with lots of:  toys, singing and toy story watching!

The weekend ended with a pirate themed evening, prizes were awarded to the best dressed family and the VICTA mole mascot was officially named 'Truffles'. As all the families said their goodbye's it was obvious that the weekend had been a great success, friends were made, fun was had and advice was swapped. A very valuable experience- roll on next year!

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  1. Woooo!! It was awesome!! Had an amazzing time with you :):) xxx