Friday, 19 October 2012

My Big Bowl of Self Esteem.

Pink bowl, with 'BIG BOWLOF SELF ESTEEM' handwritten onto the side, a golden dog's paw rests on it.

I have so so so much to blog about, but it's late so I can only say one thing. It's going to be this. I set myself a little thinking task tonight, I wrote on a pink bowl "Big bowl of self esteem". Well actually that's not true, I wrote it twice- but it rubbed off the first time due to incorrect pen usage. So am I mad? Yes, very possibly. Is there meaning to the madness? Of course. I was sitting here in my room repeatedly face palming (for those not in the know, 'face palming' or the act: 'To face palm' is the action of holding your head in your hands as a general sign of defeat to the world). As I did this I was thinking many things, most beginning with "Why am I so..." and completed with a negative phrase of my own choosing. Then- Boom- insane brainwave. I went to the kitchen, consulted Mother on logistics, and then inscribed on this bright pink bowl "Big Bowl of Self Esteem". It's a symbol (I like symbols), every time I'm feeling negative I'm going to counteract it by mentally putting a good thought about myself into the bowl. It will also be nice to eat cheerios out of.

This is a creative, somewhat unique idea- I admit. I'm tired, so it is mostly just a spontaneous burst of directionless creativity. But maybe, just maybe it will help. I might be able to accept compliments a bit more than I do normally through this exercise by using them to put in the bowl. It has all sorts of meanings to me. As Laila is symbolising by putting her paw in the picture above, 'things are a-foot!'.

What would be in your bowl of self esteem?

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