Sunday, 11 November 2012

Blog Ideas :) 7,000 BLOG VIEWS!! *Party Popper*

We did it guys, 7,000 blog views :) YAY!
So to celebrate I thought I would attempt to step things up a little here on Small Print Larger to get the most out of all of your support.

Some of you may be aware that I have a book reviewing website- - where I review books for both freelance and publisher's requests. I am toying with the idea of slowly, emphasise the slowly, moving blurb catcher over here to small print larger. It came to me while I was writing an Advanced Reading Copy request to a publisher, and typed: 'Blurb catcher demonstrates all that books have to offer, showing only books that can be enjoyed by everyone'. I stopped and thought for a bit: "Hmmmm... isn't that sounding a bit small print larger-ish?" and yes, it really was. So I am going to schedule a feed of book reviews to be sent from blurb catcher and published onto here (a schedule will stop me forgetting!). Then I possibly will carry on reviewing here, or on blurb catcher- who knows.

Next comments, comments are now screenreader accessible everyone!! They are also so much easier to publish as you don't need an openID anymore. I am ashamed that I failed to notice that commenting on my blog was so difficult, but it's all fixed. So forgive me please?

More Audioboo imbeds coming up, lots of crazy stuff is happening over at audioboo and I am lucky enough to be involved! I will post about that shortly, but I am very excited! I am passionate about accessible media so why not fit the two together? Blogger and audioboo go hand in hand nicely, and being able to boo my posts will help me upload more.

Q&A's, ah good old question and answers. I am thinking of doing some of these on several topics to attempt to boost my audience participation and readers. I'll let you know when I'm up for starting that.

If you have any ideas, do let me know in my NOW ACCESSIBLE comments :D
And thank you all so much for getting me here!

Imi :)


  1. Hi Imogen,
    I'm writing from guiding magazine and we would love to profile you and Small Print Larger in a future issue. If you're interested, please get in touch at helen.thomas(at)

    1. Hi Helen,
      Just read and replied to your email. Thank you so much :)