Friday, 16 November 2012

Teatime Reads Weekly

I am writing to you from the past... *ghost face*... just kidding, I am but there's nothing paranormal about it - I just discovered post scheduling. I have decided (as I said in my 7,000 views post) that I will put book reviews up on this blog, so everything is in one place. But, so as not to spam my lovely followers, I have set up a timer that once a week a book review will be uploaded here. The timer is set for Friday's at 6:30pm hence the name 'Teatime reads'. I am quite pleased with myself because now I can just add books to the feed as I go along and there is less pressure.
Lets see how it goes shall we?

Ladies and Gentleman, you will receive a review in exactly half an hour...

A hot chocolate in a delicate cup

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