Friday, 14 December 2012

Perfect People - Peter James

This book is a thriller which will keep you gripped from the very start. John and Naomi are still mourning the loss of their young son Hallie, who died of a rare hereditary disease caused by a complication in their gene pools. They long for a family but daren’t take the risk of losing another child. That’s until they meet scientist Dr Leo Detorre, who can make children who are not only perfect, but invincible too. Facing bankruptcy and debts, John and Naomi set off on a journey to create their perfect son, one that could live and experience what their deceased son couldn’t. However, Dr Detorre’s controversial practice causes a stir throughout the world, a religious group- Disciples of the Third Millennium are rising against his techniques in the name of God; and they will not stop until they gain justice. No matter what it takes.
I think this book covers such an interesting topic, and all through the book I kept thinking ‘is this really what we should fear for the future?’. Genetically modified or designer babies could leave natural children at a major disadvantage intellectually, making them second class citizens. Plus, if designer babies become a regular occrance what can we expect from life? Death would become an anomaly because everyone is immune to everything, everyone becomes equal intellectually so no progress can ever be gained, and everyone would want the same positive characteristics, so everyone would be the same.
I found John and Naomi particularly powerful characters who really jumped out of the page, their emotions were so realistic and deep. At first they are filled with delight and naivety as they realise their dream child can become a reality, turning to shock and exhausted adrenaline as things rapidly fall apart. So read this book, get your clone to read it, and design your children to like it too!
Four stars
* * * *
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