Sunday, 30 December 2012

What's in My Bag Tag!

It hit youtube hard, with lots of girls living in hot countries showing off their Gucci umbrellas, but I'm bringing 'What's in My Bag?' to the blogosphere! I've recruited three lovely bloggy ladies who are going to bare the real contents of their bags to the world, you know, the practical world. There will be links to their blogs at the end of the post, so please check them out. Let's get going, here's what's in my bag today:

The Bag:
My handbag at the moment is this Fossil, brown leather, shoulder bag that I got for christmas. It is a really good satchel as it has loads and loads of pockets and a good comfortable strap which doesn't hurt my shoulder. It keeps out of the way so I can work Laila well without scaring her with a slipping bag.

You may laugh, but my keys are caribbean clipped to the strap of my bag because they would simply run away if they were anywhere else. A large purple turtle and a tiny lego man wearing a bandana keep guard of my RADAR and house key.

In the front compartments of my bag I have two of my tear duct replacement treatments, a tiny spring pen, a little flick out magnifier and my bus pass.

Second Pocket:
More of my portable pharmacy, a bottle of 'morning energy' moisturiser which I hardly ever use but like the idea of using. A packet of mentos just because they are yummy. Carbomer gel (another tear thing), paracetamol, antihistamine for my pathetic allergies and vocal zone throat pastels for choir.

Main Compartment:
Kindle - always the reader-, earphones, and a high visibility vest for when I'm out before the sun has woken up (how long is this winter lark going to go on for?!) or when I go for a wander in the dark.

Various Pockets in the Middle:
My purse, which contains various bits and bobs, a ring which I love and aspire to wear but I get frustrated with it quite quickly and take it off. My iPod is in here too, I used the cash machine yesterday so the earphones are in another pocket separately. And my phone, but I am taking the photos with that!

Back Pocket:
Black and red, rather old, fingerless gloves. Spending bags for Laila (ever practical) and some Carex refreshing wipes.

So in summary my bag is very full, very practical and is basically my survival kit for any situation I may come across. 

Check out my fellow participants:

And why don't you join in?

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