Friday, 7 December 2012

Wildthorn - Jane Eagland

Betrayal is deeply riddled within this story, and the plot just keeps twisting. Louisa Cosgrove is from a high class Victorian family, her father is a doctor, her brother is his apprentice and her mother is a lady of leisure. But Louisa is unhappy, she wants more from her future than just marriage and children and refuses to be like her mother. What nobody knows is that she studies medicine in her free time, reading her father’s books, and longs to become a doctor. But sometimes the most powerful thing to stand in your way are those who supposedly support you, and when an unexpected death occurs Louisa’s life begins spiralling out of control…

This book admittedly took a lot of determination to finish, I believe I started reading it close to a year ago and have only just finished it today, I think maybe this is because the plot can be very slow moving in some places and tends to drag on a bit. However, it is nicely put together and well researched. The romance aspect of the book is quite tiring by the end, and the plot very exhausting and highly depressing. I find the idea interesting: being falsely placed in an asylum and how to go about  proving your sanity in such a maddening situation.
Overall, a not too interesting read, be prepared to make a commitment.
One star.
Wildthorn Cover

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