Tuesday, 1 January 2013

2013: Reflections and Resolutions

This being my first post in this blogs FOURTH year is very very exciting. Last year I had 44 well received posts and after discovering google analytics in January, have had 9,404 page views! Heaven's knows how many I've had throughout the years without knowing, but I am so proud of what I've achieved on here. When people mention that they have read something of mine on Small Print Larger it gives me such a great feeling.

2012 has been a mixed year made up of many emotions, with very distinct highs and lows. The major high of my year has been getting my beautiful guide dog Laila, who has changed my life completely. Being able to walk down the street at night without misjudging roads, falling, or being afraid is something I thought I would never experience again- but have done thanks to her. I also became a young leader at brownies and guides, but am yet to make my promise, and also qualified as an online cybermentor for bullied and distressed children and young people. My year wasn't all bunches of roses though: losing a vast amount of sight to Nystagmus (a never ending war), having a two month long headache and missing a month of school have been set backs. But it doesn't matter now. I'm slowly learning that when you are born you are not a sealed 'Life' package, things change, and that really doesn't matter because everyone and everything else does too. For example getting ill and dropping GCSE's, this was a major crisis for me, but I will make sure I get enough qualifications to make my next step and that is what's really important. As many people have said to me recently "It's your health that's important".

In 2013 I'm hoping to have a better time, finishing school and moving onto college and all the adventures that come along with that. I also hope to continue using this blog to it's full potential and making use of the huge (unexpected) audience which has landed on my lap. Whether you are viewing from the UK, Latvia, America, Sweeden, Malaysia, India or Germany thank you so much (and aren't google analytics great?!)

So the big 2-0-1-3, I'm not usually one for resolutions but this time I went overboard:
1. Write a diary.
I received the diary for christmas and I am really looking forward to using it and hope that I can complete a diary for the first time rather than a time-spread journal.
2. Keep 'Tea Time Reads' going.
I've had some fabulous feedback about TTR, so I will keep going for as long as I possibly can.
3. The Fact to Fiction Challenge.
I have set up a challenge for myself, every week in 2013 I will write a piece of creative writing based on item from the weeks news. I will post each piece on this blog: www.imisfictionalfortress.blogspot.co.uk and do a round up once a month on Small Print Larger with links to all of the pieces.
4. Eat healthy. My Dad was particularly concerned this was code for 'lose weight' but no, I assure you, that games over. Just a healthy diet could do me some good.
5. Drink more water.
I am always always thirsty and always dehydrated so I think a little effort to drink more water could help me out in the long run.
6. Make a big push for dreambook.
You can find out about The Dreambook Movement in the tabs, but it is a project I have set up and due to various things it has slowed down somewhat- I need to get back on track!
7. Improve my posture.
I am developing a hunched back and I need to stop now, and anyway it is not a sophisticated look!
8. Try hard to get through my remaining GCSEs.
So I can move on with my life at last.
9. Learn to play the mandolin I got for Christmas.

May you all have an excellent year and, once again, thank you so much for another fantastic year.


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  1. Good luck with everything in 2013 lovely, I know you well and I know you can do every single thing on that list :) much love :) xxxxxx