Tuesday, 8 January 2013

All For One? I'm for it.

Tonight I will be going to my third choir rehearsal with the 'All for One' Choir. I've got to say when I first went to a rehearsal I was sceptical, firstly because my Mum was a committed member, and secondly because she thought it was cool. This instantly projects the opposite in my mind, just about every honest teenager would agree that if your Mum thinks something is cool it will almost certainly not be. But after going to one of their shows at City Hall, which was packed with people, they sounded really good, so I decided to go along.

On my 'taster' session, I was amazed at how well everyone got along. At the show there had been many a mention of being 'One big family' but I didn't really expect it to be so literal and true. Everyone talked to everyone, and lots of people said "Hello" and chatted to me. Also the way Laila was accepted was truly heartwarming, people took it on board when I asked them not to stroke her and they respected how good she was being with the loud music and just lying down while I sung, jived and gestured along to the music. I have to admit I was surprised when I found myself signing up to become a real member at the end of the session- I had really thought I would hate it! I was handed an anorak and a t-shirt and I was in the choir.

All for One was having an event the following saturday at Hull KC Stadium, where they would be performing to the crowds pre-match and at half time. Having been exposed to the practice CD in my Mum's car for the last year, on constant repeat, I knew most of the words and the Tenor part. Yes, I'm an alto, but the adaption wouldn't be that hard to make... right? I was amazed that they trusted me to come and perform with them after only one real rehearsal, but I listened to the Alto CD to undo all the Tenor-ness of "Mary's Boy Child", practiced the moves, and I felt sort of ready.

That morning, my Mum, Laila, and I drove to the stadium- and I had won the battle of "Tenner or Alto Practice CD" so we were also rather comically singing at the top of our voices as we went. There were sound checks, greetings and chats with other members, and then we started singing at the doors while people arrived. I was really starting to get into the swing of things by the time we made it to the pitch. After a slight debate, Laila was able to become possibly the first dog ever to put paws on Hull City Pitch, and we were Sunshine, Moonlight, Boogying like pros. Everyone in the choir were so helpful in supporting me around the seating stands, it was quite overwhelming actually! We settled down for the game and by half time Hull were winning, and we were ready for another sing. It occurred to me that what the choir promotes is true, singing really does make you feel better. Despite all the pain from my head and eyes- I felt good. We sang in front of 17,000 people, I mean who gets to do that?!

It's crazy, out of my comfort zone, but I'm loving it. Thanks All for One.

The crowd in the standsThe choir, all dressed in red, stand on the pitch

Hull City Mascot gave us the thumbs up.


  1. This is a wonderful article very well written and interesting. Thanks for posting

  2. This is lovely to read Imi, so glad that you took the step to join us and captured the true spirit of All For One choir!! Enjoy tonight and the beginning of another exciting year.

  3. hi what a great blog sharing your A.F.O. experience..I met you @ the K C stadium and was quite taken with your lovely dog !! Its amazin that you have both joined our choir !! Heres to a Happy Singing Sharing 2013 X

  4. Hi Imi & Laila
    I saw you at Hull KC too! What a day that was! I am part of the Bridlington Choir. So very happy that you have joined our family and really look forward to seeing you at future social events and gigs. Happy singing! Love Sue. xx

  5. Brilliant :-) My Mum died the day before I sang at KC and although I felt I couldn't go I went along and although very emotional it made me feel loads better. Jill - another Beverley Early Bird

  6. Glad you are enjoying being part of the AFO choir, Imi. Singing at the KC was a great experience wasn't it? Looking forward to some more great times with the choir in 2013 x