Friday, 11 January 2013

To Kill a Mockingbird - Harper Lee

OK, so we have all heard of this classic, everyone knows it and every teen is being nagged by parents/teachers to get their head out of Twilight and read something more like this. But now hear comes the surprise…. READ IT! No, I haven’t turned into a boring adult my dear bloggers – this book is actually really really good. I also believed it has changed many a persons’ attitude towards other races.
It is narrated by a young girl called Scout as she tells the story of her life and how it changes due to racial controversy. She has a brother called Jem and she feels deeply sad as he grows up and he ‘doesn’t wanna see her no more!’ and wants to be a scowly teenager. She also has a father called Atticus, he for me is one of the finest characters in English literature, he is a loner but is respected greatly by both the black and the white communities of their town, Maycomb. The charatcer of Atticus is such a great work, he is mysterious but conveys a good heart and great caring with very little description of this. He really comes alive in your imagination. Atticus is a lawyer and is very good at his job, he is incredibly well educated and taught Scout to read as soon as she could hold a book. The story tells the tale of when Atticus takes on a rape case. Tom Robbinson,a good black man, is thought to have raped a white women who the whole town didn’t like. Until now that is.
I read this in the lovely oriental gardens on holiday in Monte-carlo and I have re-read it since, I love this book so much. It also makes you feel great to know you’ve finally read it when you turn the final page! I would recommend it to just about anyone and give it a Five star rating!
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  1. This is one of my favourite books too! I don't think anyone forced us into it at school though...