Saturday, 23 March 2013

First Day of Holiday Creativity - The Ceiling Dancer

After breaking up from my last EVER full term at school, what was I to do with myself? Read? Blog? Maybe even revise? Oh no. Yesterday I created a youtube account, a new and surreal experience and an excellent way to battle my body blues. I made myself an intro video, and got some lovely feedback.

At 1am this morning inspiration struck- in fact it woke me up with it's strength. The inspiration ironically being a poem about insomnia. Having had the (not overly wonderful) experience of being an insomniac before, I wanted to show the frustration it can bring and the patterns it can take. Naturally, as soon as I picked up my laptop I couldn't stop writing and the whole poem was done in half an hour. I was slightly pessimistic on how the poem would be in the light of day and found I, very fittingly, couldn't sleep after I closed my laptop.

When I (eventually) woke up I recorded the soundtrack to the video, me reading the poem and editing it with James Yorkston's fantastic song 'would you have me born with wooden eyes'. I also put in some birds singing from a compulsive audio recording day I had last week. Doing the video was great fun too because I love acting and film making. The hardest part was definitely filming in the dark because my camera kept trying to be clever and making everything brighter! Setting up the shots was also hit and miss because I wasn't utterly sure if I was in view or not!

I've really enjoyed the whole process and will definitely be doing it again. I'd really appreciate it if you could like and subscribe to my youtube channel: yellowlittledragon.

Hope you all have a happy easter if I don't see you before!

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