Sunday, 7 April 2013

Your life: A Motivational Synopsis.

Description:  A brightly coloured comic strip in blue and yellow. The drawings are basic but professional. Each bullet relates to one image in the strip. Here is something true, one day you will be dead.   Here is something false: you only live once.  It takes about seven years to master something.   If you live to be 88 after the age 11 you have 11 opportunities to be great at something.  These are your lifetimes.   Most people don't let themselves die (stick man): "I've always just known I am good at organising spreadsheets".  Some are afraid of death: "I'm only trained to do one thing and if I'm not doing it... then what am I?"  Some think they are already ghosts: "I was good at basketball, but then I hurt my ankle. Now I spend most of my time mentally stimulating a reality where that didn't happen."  But you have many lives. (thought bubble): "Two years till I die, I wonder what I'll do next."  Spend a life writing poems. (In script): "True wit is nature to advantage dress'd what oft was thought, but ne'er so well expressed."  Spend a life building things. Man 1: "It's a hoverbike!" Man 2: "Because..." Man 1: "Because hoverbike!!"  Spend a life looking for facts. (Looking at molecule diagram): "How?"  Spend a life looking for truth. (Looking at the same diagram): "Why?"  These are your lives.  Use them.

Whilst doing the sometimes uphill battle which is writing a fifty thousand word novel in a month you go through several thought processes. One of which is: "I'm going to fail. There is no point. Why have I done this?!". Right after this stage comes developing a psychosomatic cold, flu or plague which 'unfortunately' stops you writing for a while. Sure, doing this one month writing challenge is only a penny in the bank of success. It is only one month out of the eighty-four which this comic identifies as 'a life'. When you put it into perspective- why does anyone even bother doing anything?

However, as I curled up on the sofa, cradling my laptop, willing my hands to move- I realised something. Sure, there are things in the world that I might enjoy doing more right now than trying to breathe life into imaginary people. I could waste the day online and sleep, but that would be exactly that: a waste. I set myself a goal: "five hundred words and you can sleep Imi", but I overshot it with enthusiastic ambition. Maybe I wasn't that tired after all! It was touch and go whether or not I would meet my word count target but I am so glad I did. Now I have 1,667 new words on the page and that will make today easier than if I had given in to my laziness.

The truth I'm learning is: Everyday is part of your life, so make every moment count. Do things that will make you feel good in the long run even if it's less enjoyable in the short term. "When you're walking through hell keep walking"- this can apply to anything and everything. Waste time intentionally instead of by accident by making sure that it's what you want to do with your day first. Don't let social networking steal your time: you don't belong to your friends list on Facebook or your twitter followers either. Your life belongs to no one but you. What I am trying to say is do something that makes you happy so that you feel you have achieved something by doing it. Even if the only thing you achieved is happiness. So many people at school say they have no hobbies, no skills, no talent. They sit and write their CV's in lesson with the teacher telling them what their qualities are. Learn what is good about yourself, and make that an achievement in it's own right. There are too many talented people in this world who don't realise their skills.

Graphics courtesy of SMBC comics.

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