Hello, my name is Imogen (Imi) Godwin and I am the founder, editor, and general scribbler at Small Print Larger! So where to start? Well if you've clicked this link to see this page you probably want to know a bit about me, Ok... your choice!

I am fifteen years old, but am constantly being told I look and act older. I am doing my GCSE's at a mainstream school at the moment and feel somewhat like a hamster in a wheel. There is a lot of studying. I have a guide dog called Laila who is a golden retriever, yellow labrador cross and she lives with me here in East Yorkshire. If you haven't gathered from the fact I have a guide dog I am sight impaired and that opens up a very very lengthy story. 

In brief: I was born with microphthalmia and a congenital cataract in my left eye. This means I was born completely blind in my left eye due to the lack of eye development and the inoperable cataract. I was like all the other kids, but could only see through one eye. This was fine until I was about 11, when I developed latent onset rotary and horizontal nystagmus, astigmatism, myopia, peripheral loss, tear duct malformation and photophobia in my so called 'good' eye! I put links in there in case you wanted to know what the big medical words meant, awareness raising is important for all medical conditions. Anyway, I am writing this in November 2012 and I have currently had another vision loss due to the nystagmus increasing, which is rubbish! Generally speaking I have six percent vision in one eye, but it might be worse now. I also have chronic headaches caused by my eyes, I've had the headache I have now for almost a month to give you an idea. 

Phew... well that wasn't very brief... It does get shorter the more I have to type it all out (I reckon I am just lazy). 

My eyes don't define me. I love to write, though as a child I had a very turbulent relationship with handwriting and pens (we all had to use those silly ones that fit your hand in primary school and I could not get the hang of it at all with my silly claw grip) I have always loved reading and writing stories and articles. Now I am a seasoned typist and just write as much as I like relatively easily thanks to speech software. I read a lot too, and my book reviews are published on this blog. If you click the Topic 'Books' you can see them all. 

I do a lot of work with different charities and organisations, I am an ambassador for VICTA, a cybermentor (online peer counsellor) for Beat Bullying, an audio reporter for LOOK and a young leader in both brownies and guides for Girl Guiding UK. I also did a Young Disabled Leaders course with RADAR in 2011, and for my achievements in that course I was lucky enough to go to a reception at 10 Downing Street hosted by Samantha Cameron - which was amazing. 

I can often be found reading on a beanbag, blogging, eating oatcakes or chilling with my friends. This is my life and everything that goes on or is around it. 

Nice to meet you and please take the time to subscribe by email, follow and comment on my blog, it would be much appreciated. 

Thanks for reading!

A photo of me on a wooden bridge wearing a blue t-shirt and with my just above the shoulder browny red hair and big dark sunglasses.
Me speaking into a microphone at a conference with shoulder length red hair, wearing a black blouse with a name tag clipped to the right. I have my hand lifted up like I am passionate about something in particular.
Me in front of the black door of 10 Downing street in a red polka dot tee dress with a black shawl.

Me in the sunshine wearing sunglasses with my best friend, she is the same age and has lilac hair. We are both pulling faces

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