Have you ever felt that you are being judged?
That people see only one thing when they look at you?
A disability? A race? A gender? An illness? A sexuality? A stereotype?
What would you say to them to change their minds?
Would you tell them your dreams?
Welcome to The Dreambook Movement.

The Dreambook Movement began on January the 1st 2012, after months in planning and numerous barriers to overcome. But we got there. The idea which was originally to show equality between the visually impaired and sighted community grew, to be bigger and better with equality for ALL. Funded by VICTA (www.victa.org.uk) and the press alerted- Dreambook had a roaring start! Originally due to end on the 1st of January 2013, Dreambook really took off with participants all over the world making it possible to extend the deadline and continue the project. 

But what is it?
Dreambook is me, you, everybody. It is a time capsule with endless possibilities and no barriers. Dreambook is a notebook a: basic, black, hard cover, blank paged canvas for EVERYONE. the Dreambook travels between participants of all ages and backgrounds, each one filling a single page with details of their hopes for the future. Jobs, homes, holidays, possessions, pets or romance- Dreambook wants to hear it! These hopes for the future can be expressed however the participant wishes: Braille, paint, drawings, text and photographs- anything you feel like! You then put the Dreambook back into its addressed and stamped envelope and put it in the post- job done!

What's the point in Dreambook? 
Voices being heard! The Dreambook Movement believes in equality, friendship, respect for others and hopes for the future- it's this that inspired it. Everyone has dreams and goals, whether they be personal or more general, it is common ground we all stand on. By collecting the dreams of such a diverse group of people we are representing true equality between the pages. 

Can I be involved?
YES! Get in touch at: Igodwin@victa.org.uk to show your support and take part!

(Dreambook founded and managed by Imogen Godwin)